About Us

We're an internationally recognized brand offering quality products from the most exclusive selections worldwide. Concepto is the first Qatari brand specializing in genuine and exotic leather goods that offers a variety of accessories to its worldwide customers. Concepto gained popularity primarily through its striking phone cases that were both trending and different compared to the other styles available in the gulf regions. Other of their very popular products include card holders, key chains, and laptop covers.


To reflect a brand that is innovative, sophisticated and unique - recognizable worldwide.


To become a staple of the leather goods industry and be the most  novel with our design and performance.


The fashion industry is the long time unexpendable industry that continues to shape the world's fads and trends for years and years on out. Fashion's diversity and opportunity gave Concepto the stage to present and grow its unique products, especially with the new permanent accessory every human life - smart phones; alongside the staples in leather goods such as cardholders, keychains, and laptop covers.

Initially phone cases and covers were created to protect the phone and its screen, but quickly the creative population of the world added a variety of more stylish options for people to both protect their phones and accessorize. Similarly, Concepto saw the opportunity, a new design, something different from what was already out there, be presented to their local public whom was also rapidly becoming well known around the world.  

Being that smart phones have become an essential part of today's generation and don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, the future for Concepto is bright as more of our innovative styles and designs will be welcomed by those whom have become loyal to our brand and those curious about our model with the help of our unprecedented team of our creators and designers.

Overview of Our Products

From Qatar all the way to you, we introduce products we are proud of and accurately represent our purpose and set a standard for our business around the world. Our passion comes from our desire to contribute towards the world of design and fashion, alongside bringing knowledge of our upgrading culture through our products. Concepto products have now become a staple business in Qatar and we plan to make the world aware of our strong and beautiful brand that authentically symbolizes our culture, sense of style, and originality. 


One of most popular skins - the highly recognized crocodile leather that comes from the highest grade skins available in the Gulf region. Available in various colors under the shiny and matte finish ranging from soft pastels to powerful brights.


A rare and extravagant skin with a natural gloss that highlights the natural and  effortless pattern of lizard skin in any style and color.


The durable and universal skin for all accessories with a most unique quills of texture, making ostrich a prime choice for elegance in leather products.


The long value and durability of python skin has become a trademark in exotic skins, offering a fine delicate finish to any accessory making it one of the most popular exotic skins around the world.


Collaboration with Qatar's most recognizable hand painters has allowed us to offer customers the opportunity to customize their accessories with their own personal touch by requesting their own custom design or initials on their final product.


A consideration for those that prefer cruelty-free leather and skins is accommodated by offering embossing and replicas closest to the most authentic form making it still fashionable and alluring.

Going Forward

Concepto is looking forward to its endeavors in the exotic leather industry, and has many exciting upcoming surprises to offer its clientele. With the help of a thriving network and stylish audience, Concepto seeks to become a leader in the fashion industry with its innovative designs and successful collaboration.